As a Live Review student, when do I get access to the online content?

Your access to the online review videos and Qbank/Readiness Exams become available on the last day of your live review. 

Your access to the Specialty Topic videos, Resource Library, and the Qbank & Readiness Exams become available automatically on the last day of your review. This is available for 9 months for RN students and 6 months for PN students.

Your 14 day access to the Must-know Core Content videos can be activated whenever you would like to use it following your live review. After your review, when you log into your account you will see a notice that you can activate your pending access in the Core Content topic video list. All you need to do, when you are ready, is click the link in the first topic of this notice. Once started, your access runs for 14 consecutive days, and it MUST be activated within the 9 month (6 month for PN) timeframe that your account is active. 

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