I've watched all of a video, but it is showing as incomplete

This problem is most likely caused when students stop watching a video with the intent of coming back and finishing it later.

Our progress tracking works by capturing certain checkpoints throughout the length of the video. Each video has a set of checkpoints that must be met in order to get credit.If you aren't watching to, or skip over one of the checkpoints, then credit is not given.

Hurst Review has made our videos short enough for you to watch them during one sitting, and we believe this is the best way to study them. If you stop the video and come back to it later, or if you skip ahead by even a few seconds, you may miss getting credit for a particular section. In order to ensure that you get full credit for a video, you need to watch it all the way through without stopping.

If you are going to stop, you need to make sure that you resume watching at exactly, or a few seconds before, the spot where you previously stopped watching.

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